Free Playstation 3

The PS3 is an awesome machine! Has anyone seen the games for it lately? They're sick. Assasin's Creed is amazing. You can get one for yourself or sell it for lots of money. If you want a Free PS3 continue to read this article to learn how.

I know what you are thinking. "How can somebody give away a 600 dollar machine?" It's quite simple actually. When you sign-up for your Free PS3 you complete a trial offer. The offers are for things that you might have gotten anyway, like Gamefly or Blockbuster online. is a great offer, because it's completely free. It doesn't cost you a thing. When you complete an offer the company you did the offer for pays the website that gives you your Free Playstation 3. That's why you refer other people to do the website. When you have enough referrals the website has made enough money to give you your Free Playstation 3. Everybody makes money. It's that simple.

The Transcendent Innovations Network wants to give you and everybody else a Free PS3. All they ask is you follow the rules. There are only 3 steps to get your Free PS3. Three easy steps and you're ready to watch blu-ray movies and play the latest games in high definition.

Steps to Get A Free PS3

Step 1: Sign-up for your Free PS3 using this link:

United States/Canada-->

At this step all you do is sign-up using a valid email address and fill out the other details so Transcedent Innovations can ship you your Free PS3! Make sure your information is truthful because if it is not real you may not get your Free PS3 that the company is required to give you. In other words don't try to cheat the system.

The information that you submit to Transcendent Innovations is completely secure. Read the privacy policy at the bottom of the page. The company will not sell or give your information to outside sources. But you may receive some spam from completing an offer, but I'll get into more detail on that later. Feel free to sign-up for another email account. I recommend Gmail.

Rules to Follow

This isn't a scam, so the only reason some people don't get their Free PS3 is if they break the rules. So I'm going to let you know the rules so you can get yours. Don't ever, ever do these things!
  1. Signing up using fake information for the website or the offer!
  2. Using proxies to make fake referrals (i.e. you signing up for the same site or offer twice under different ip addresses, AOL is a proxy, so don't use it)
  3. Telling others to cancel or showing them how
  4. Telling people to do the same offers as you.
  5. doing offers more than once, only do an offer once, NEVER EVER do it again.
  6. multiple people signing up from the same network (school, library, workplace, house, or library) on the same site.
If you follow these rules and complete the requirements there's no way you won't get your Free Playstation 3.

Step 2: Complete ONE advertisers TRIAL offer.

This is the most important step! This is where the money comes from. Go to the offers section and look through the offers. When you see one that catches your eye read the information and requirements for that offer. Make sure you understand what the offer requires you to do. Then you just complete the offer.

There are many great offers. They aren't all free, but they're all cheap. Most of the offers are under $10. Many of the offers are services that you've been thinking about getting anyway, including Blockbuster Online and Gamefly so you can rent movies and games for your brand new Free PS3!

Lets look specifically at how these companies are able to afford these “free products” that they are sending you. The freebie sites have established relationships with a number of legitimate online companies that pay them to refer individuals to try out their services. Lets look at 2 specific companies: Blockbuster online and Credit Check Total.

You might not know this, but these 2 companies (among many others) will pay you if you get someone to try out their services. Want proof? Visit the following links:

Blockbuster: Click here
Creditcheck Total: Click here

Now lets do the math. Blockbuster will pay you $33 per referral, and CreditCheck Total will pay you $24 per referral. That means if you get someone to try out those 2 offers, you will be paid $57.

This is exactly what the freebie sites do. Lets say you want to get a Free Ipod Touch. The going rate for an 16Gb Ipod Touch is $299. For proof Click here.

Lets say you sign up at a freebie site and complete those 2 offers. Not only that, you get 6 friends to sign up at these freebie sites and they complete offers that pay the freebie sites similar amounts. That Freebie site has just made 7 * $57, which gives them a total of $399.

Do you see why they do not mind buying you an Ipod touch? Yes, they spent $299, but they made $100 for getting you that Ipod touch. It’s a WIN-WIN Situation.

Now, if you think THAT sounds good, let me let you in on a little secret. When companies are able to refer a lot of people to these programs, they do not get paid the same standard rates that everyone else gets. They are able to negotiate higher payouts with these sites to make even MORE money. If that isn’t win-win, I don’t know what is!

Note: You have to do 1 full credit offer or 2 1/2 credit offers.

Here are a few great offers!

1. - Totally Free Trial! Includes $5 Free Stamps. Get credit INSTANTLY!
2. eAuction Tutor - Costs between FREE to $5 - INSTANTLY credits!
3. Blockbuster - Cheap $9.99 trial, but you get a movie! Reputable company. Credits INSTANTLY!
4. eBay - Any offer by this multi-billion dollar company. Credits INSTANTLY!
5. 12 in 1 - Totally Free Trial for some vitamins. Credited SAME DAY! These are great vitamins.
6. Advantage Language - Cost about $7, but you can learn spanish. Credits INSTANTLY!
8. Zooba - Simply register for the book club. Get credit INSTANTLY!
9. PhotoStamps - Create one sheet of customized stamps. Get credit INSTANTLY!
11. Rising Star - Totally Free Trial! You get credit INSTANTLY!

Other great offers

1. - Totally Free Trial! You get credit INSTANTLY!
2. FreeBidding / Driving4Dollars / Official Auctions / Shopping4Money - Cost about $1-6 for a 1 day trial. Credits INSTANTLY, or under 15 minutes.
3. LipoBurn - Totally Free 30 Trial! You get credit INSTANTLY!
4. "Girls Gone Wild" DVD - Cost $1. Get 2 DVDs. INSTANT credit. Can't get better? ;)
5. SleepRite - Well-known brand and great product. You get credit INSTANTLY!
6. - Signup and get something, simple! Get INSTANT credit! Credit card NOT required!
7. (any one) - Just $1 for a 7-day trial! INSTANT credit!
8. Rapid Auction Success Club - Cost only $3.87 for shipping! You get credit INSTANTLY!

Before you complete an offer you need make sure you're using the Internet Explorer browser or the Mozilla Firefox Browser. These are the only two browsers that don't have problems accepting cookies.
  • First you need to delete your cookies. This is a very important step. If you don't delete your cookies you may not receive credit. To delete your cookies you do this: Mozilla Firefox-Click tools then click clear private data, when that screen pops up make sure you check cookies. Then click clear private data now. Internet Explorer-Click tools, then click internet options. Click the general tab at the top and and find browsing history at the middle of the page. Click delete and the click delete cookies.
  • You need to change the settings in your browser to accept all cookies. Here are some directions to do that Google directions. This is very important! Make sure you don't skip this step of you may not recieve credit.
  • Disable pop-up blockers and cookie blockers until you finish the offer, then you can re enable them.
  • Read all the offer details and do everything it says.
  • Make sure you keep detailed information on the offers so you won't ever do them again. Get the website you did the offer for, price, customer service number, etc.....
  • Leave the confirmation page up for at least 5 minutes to make sure the cookie was sent.
  • Keep your confirmation emails and take a screenshot of the confirmation page in case you don't get credit for the offer, then you can send in a manual credit request.
Step 3: Refer your friends to do the same thing.

After you complete your offer you have to refer some people to do the same exact thing you did. You'll have to refer as many friends as your award needs. You'll find your referral link on your status page. When people sign up under your link you'll find their email address on your status page. There are many ways to get referrals, just make sure your referrals don't sign up from the same network (school, house, library, workplace, dorm-room) as you, or you will all run the risk of not getting your Free Playstation 3
  1. Get your friends and relatives to sign up using your referral link. If they won't do it bribe them. Take them out to lunch in exchange for them signing up.
  2. Go to forums and post your link there.
  3. Make a website to promote your link.
If your friends don't believe you prove to them it's real. A good strategy is to do your offer as soon as you sign up and you can give them inside information about how easy and cheap the offers are. Or you can show them this proof!

Get creative! There are so many ways to refer people.

Now that you know how the freebie business works spread the word. Send people to this site to get the information. You will get your Free PS3 if you completed the requirements (i.e. Signing up with valid information, completing an offer and getting credit for it, referring the amount of people that you need using your referral link) That's all there is to it. Feel free to comment below and ask any questions you have.

Get started! It's so easy. Sign up now!